• “I climbed Kilimanjiro last summer”
  • “I have lost 2 clothes sizes!”
  • “I completed my first triathlon”
  • “Training has decreased my back pain”
  • “I have completely reshaped my body”
  • “John made it fun”
  • “I loved every session!”
  • “Best thing I ever did!”
  • “I changed shape”
  • “I can drive the golf ball further”
  • “I have lost 6% bodyfat”
  • “I ran the New York marathon!”
  • “Within 4 weeks I'm off my blood pressure medication”
  • “Heaps of fun”
  • “I've lost 8cm off my waist”

Group Training

Where the smiles are free!

Do you have a work group, family, group of friends or combination of the above, who want to get fit, lose weight and have a bit of fun in the process? Well, training in one of my private group sessions is a fun and social way of getting fit and losing bodyfat. But that doesn’t mean you don’t work hard!

Each session will boost your cardio fitness, conditioning, strength, power, endurance, coordination, agility (mental & physical) and burn oodles of fat! On top of this, your metabolism will increase, meaning you’ll burn more fat the rest of the day too!

Everyone wishing to take part must contact me, complete a medical screening form and confirm what you are looking to achieve as a group. We can take things in any direction - greater mobility & flexibility, prepare for an event like City to Surf, improve strength, improve cardio fitness, take part in a weight loss challenge, just generally whip yourself into shape!

Specialist help - do you have a group wishing to lower blood pressure? Or are you in a group of people with arthritis who thinks there's no suitable fitness class for you? Maybe you need to rehab from reconstructive surgery? Whatever your needs, I am fortunate to have a wide range of experience dealing with most 'special population' groups, please don't feel there is no help for you.



Fridays 9.15am ViPR Toolbox - 45 minutes, 10 places


How to get involved:

Book online:


We’ll send you the locations of the beach sessions in the Trigg area and instructions on what you need to know. Then just show up!



This connects you to the outdoors, barefoot on the sand with the ocean by your side. What's not to like!

ViPR Toolbox

A studio based session, using ViPR  as the basis, but including many other creative functional training tools at the leading edge of training today. Open minds and an expectation of whole body movement essential!

Group Training Testimonials

Here are just a few testimonials from some of my group training participants...

  • JP makes these group sessions a reason to get up in the morning; they are fun, and it’s great to have a laugh with the group whilst exercising. I am not usually in to exercise but JP has made it so much fun and you never know what your training session will bring each time.
  • I love training with my friends and it doesn’t matter what level you are at – JP will accommodate all levels (just don’t get stuck with him as a partner!!!) It is amazing how much better you feel after training first thing in the morning. I definitely have more of a bounce in my step.
  • JP really thinks outside the square to get the maximum benefit for individual fitness with the most amount of fun.  If laughter and fitness are both the best medicine then John has it sewn up. I could not recommend his training or more highly. I really feel my fitness has picked up in my 2 group sessions a week.
  • Exercise made fun and you don’t notice the time going by!! A great alternative to the gym.
  • I usually find exercise to be such a chore, but these group training sessions have really proved to me that you can get a good workout and enjoy yourself at the same time… every session is fun and different from the previous sessions, and before you know it the hour is over!
  • JP you’re a great motivator and I have felt healthier and fitter since I started your classes. I have also recommended your sessions to my friends and family because I find them so beneficial.
  • When I started training I could hardly do push ups or anything that required me to hold my own body weight, now I can! And it feels amazing.
  • Heaps of fun!
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